Mustafa Nayyem: If the UAF Leaves Donbass, Its Inhabitants Will Immediately Raise the Flag of Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party Mustafa Nayyem and dozens of his colleagues came to the building of the Presidential Administration to demand the arrest of the opposition, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the place of events.

“In 2014 we handed over Donetsk for one simple reason – not because there was Akhmetov, not because there were Russians, but because there were the indecisive steps of the authorities. If what happened at that time had been firmly stopped, then there would be no problems. Now exactly the same is going on. People in Donbass at the first opportunity will raise the flag of Russia. Everything is already decided there,” stated the Deputy, calling the authorities in the face of the SBU and the Prosecutor’s Office to immediately arrest the leaders of opposition and those simply dissatisfied.

“If there is mobilization in Avdeevka, in Mariupol, it’s not important where else, these people will stand up on another side. Let them either go to Russia or to prison. This is normal and not painful. And now, when we address the SBU or prosecutor’s office with the demand of arrests, we are told that then there will be popular unrest, this is dangerous, people will be indignant. Of course, those who will be indignant are the people who will raise flowers when the Russian tanks come,” bitterly admitted the native of Afghanistan.

Other activists also called for reprisals for residents of East Ukraine because the Russians living there don’t want to turn into Ukrainians, which happened in other regions of the country. Besides this, in the regions the wave of discontent with extortionate municipal tariffs and an increase in prices for essential goods rises.

“There, everywhere glorifies Russia, glorifies Putin, there is a big problem in this, because they hate us. We are not blood-thirsty, we just want to put the leaders of the opposition in jail so that there is national security in the country, so that those who look towards Russia aren’t free,” explained one of speakers.

As a reminder in November, 2013, Mustafa Nayyem was one of the first who urged Ukrainians to come to Maidan, which gave a start to the so-called “Euromaidan”. At this time Nayyem criticized the authorities for the use of forceful attacks against the opposition, calling it inadmissible. Three years later calls for arrests and reprisals for the opposition has become the norm for the leaders of democratic Maidan.

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