“My Car Is on Fire After a Meeting with Poroshenko”: Dnepropetrovsk Activist’s Car Was Torched After He Asked the President a Question

On March 5th Petro Poroshenko visited Dnepropetrovsk within the framework of his electoral campaign. After the official part of his visit he, by convention, had to have a photoshoot with his electorate.

Such communication with people gives ordinary citizens the chance to ask the guarantor of the constitution burning questions, or at least that’s what the activist Yakov Dneprovsky thought.

“Me and my comrade stood in the first row near the stage and wanted to ask Poroshenko ‘What can you say concerning open drug trafficking in Dnepropetrovsk?’. A certain girl who wanted to ask a question about [Anatoly, the well-known journalist – ed] Shary appeared nearby. I only had the time to shout ‘Petro Alekseyevich!’ two times, and when the girl started to shout, someone started to pull her from behind, without allowing her to ask anything. I tried to defend her, but were were immediately restrained and removed,” said Dneprovsky to the “Strana” website.

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People from the spectator row – with flags and wearing clothes with Poroshenko’s symbols – came to the rescue of the security guards. Having created screen using flags, the young people were taken aside, where a man with an earpiece handed them over to a group of titushki in balaclavas.

“About 15-20 athletically built guys ran up to us. One of our activists who was filming the events live on the air was hit so hard that he fainted and his jaw was broken. We took him under his arms and carried him to the nearest on-duty ambulance, but we were told that they serve only Petro Poroshenko’s guests. So then we were obliged to call a taxi so that the victim and one more activist could go to hospital. I returned back to my car and whilst driving I saw that I was being watched,” reported Yakov Dneprovsky to “Strana”.

According to the activist, the group of shadowing consisted of five people, all of them introduced themselves as defenders of law and order, but did not show any documents.

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In the end one of the men photographed the numberplate of Yakov’s car, and several hours later the car of the activist was on fire in his own yard.

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In the video posted on his Instagram page, the activist says that the security of the president is responsible for what happened.

Guys, this is my car on fire after a meeting with Petro Poroshenko

After the event, on social networks the real flashmob “Petro, burn my car” started. Users published videos in which they support Yakov and urge the president to burn their cars.


Yakov Dneprovsky is the head the “Poton” organisation in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The main objective of the organisation is combatting drugstores that sell narcotics to teenagers.

About two weeks ago, during Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Kharkov, the activists of the organisation asked the president a question about free drug trafficking in the city. Then the head of state tasked the administration of the SBU with dealing with the problem, but activists assure that no changes were made.

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