My View on the Main Idea of Today’s Military Operation

NEW – September 11, 2022

I would like to express my opinion on the essence of the events of the last week. The bottom line is that something essential, something hidden from the eyes and understanding, has been happening recently and has most clearly manifested itself in these few anxious days.

The first thing I would like to advise the reader: listen not to hysterical squirrels, such as Yury Podolyaka, “military correspondents” and the evil spirits that crawled out like cockroaches from under the baseboard, but to specialists. For example, I have not yet heard a more professional explanation of the events in the Izyum direction than a short interview with Colonel-General Gurulyev today in “Saturday’s Mardan”:

Gurulev spoke for twenty minutes from 11:20. The main thing in the interview:

1. When retreating from Balakleya, Russian troops used the classic tactics of mobile defence, where the main task is to inflict maximum defeat on the advancing enemy in manpower and equipment with minimal losses, without organising a Brest and Stalingrad anywhere. Such actions are necessary to gain time and to approach heavy machinery.

2. According to the general, there has never been such activity of our aviation since the beginning of the Special Military Operation. And this means that maximum damage was inflicted on enemy armoured vehicles and artillery.

Further, my observations:

1. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation posted videos showing large columns of military equipment. Moreover, three videos were from different roads.

2. Many have seen the video with the transfer of our fresh reinforcements to the MI-26.

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But then all these columns with equipment and paratroopers seemed to “disappear” somewhere

3. Today there are videos of the use of “Blazing Sun“, burnt equipment of the nazis. Here it’s possible to say that a lot of “Suns” are not dragged to the front line for nothing. And this means that the losses of the attackers, given Gurulyev’s words about the actions of aviation, are catastrophic!

4. In general, until now, active offensive actions of a long nature have been conducted in the area of Severodonetsk-Lisichansk, and now in the direction of Pesky, Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Soledar… The activity in this area is understandable: we need to try to move the nazi artillery away from Donetsk, Gorlovka.

5. But in other areas, it seems that our military are in some kind of “waiting”.

6. New tactical signs appeared on the armoured vehicles of the Russian troops: a circle in a triangle. It looks like a new direction has been formed.

7. Today’s statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, which has so far withstood a media pause, about the “planned withdrawal of forces”, too, fits into the course of the so-called “forced offensive” of the enemy. I have the impression that our General Staff is already clearly “playing along” with the enemy.

Based on the above, in my opinion, today we can talk about two options for the development of events.

1. In the near future, the advancing Ukrainian units, exhausted by our mobile defence in battles, having lost most of their armoured vehicles and artillery, will attack “columns of equipment and reinforcements that have disappeared somewhere” with new tactical signs.

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2. If this does not happen in the very next few days, then I will be confirmed in the opinion that one of the foundations of the main idea of the Special Military Operation in the current conditions is an economic or even geo-economic foundation. Alternatively, after some time, the flow of weapons and ammunition from abroad to Ukraine will dry up.


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