Mysterious Foreigners Sponsoring Navalny – Who Are They

The fact that Navalny lives off the handouts of foreign sponsors, everyone knows, except Navalny himself. He persistently denies that the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” is sponsored by mysterious foreigners, although who else, if not them, would donate to the blogger?

According to the results of the latest survey of the “Vzglyad” newspaper, the majority is confident that the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” of Navalny receives foreign funding. The result was quite predictable – it reflects the real level of support for the blogger and attitude towards him in society. I mean, it’s non-existent.

“Do you think Aleksey Navalny’s ‘Anti-Corruption Foundation’ has ever received money from foreign sponsors? Anonymous survey”

Recently, the fact of foreign funding was officially confirmed by the Zamoskvoretsky Court, which rejected the complaint of the Foundation about its addition to the list of foreign agents. The Justice Department presented evidence that the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” of Navalny had received money from the American firm “” and Spanish businessman Roberto Fabio through two of his companies, “MotoAutoMonda SL”, which sells vehicles, and the construction firm “FabriladContratas SL”.

Before that Navalny was repeatedly caught out committing financial fraud, including with crypto currency, the foreign origin of which is quite easy to hide. But American and Spanish firms are only the tip of the iceberg. The real sponsors of the blogger are various funds, NGOs, and the US State Department, which carefully hide behind the screens of blockchain.

Of course, Navalny himself calls what is happening a provocation and with a satisfied face collects new little donations, but already on Leonid Volkov’s accounts. There are no reports again, but for some reason we have to believe his word that foreigners do not pay him.

And here I smell that there will be the same pun like when after the criminal case was initiated, the lawyer of the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” declared that 75 million was brought to them by an unknown man on a flash drive, which was then distributed to the accounts of the employees of the Foundation. Just like that, Navalnyists took quite an impressive amount from a stranger, and then resented that they were added to the list of foreign agents.

All this looks more like Navalny is stupidly hiding his sponsors in order to avoid ruining the image of the “most honest” organisation called the “Anti-Corruption Foundation”. And after all, it is not prohibited by law to receive foreign funds – the most important thing is to register and report on time. This is exactly what happened to Navalny’s Foundation, only by force.

Olga Smerchenko

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