Nadezhda Savchenko Was Released From Custody in the Courtroom

On Tuesday, April 16th, the Brovarsky interdistrict court decided to release Nadezhda Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban, whose measure of restraint in custody expired at midnight.

I.e., the earlier chosen measure of restraint for Savchenko and Ruban expired. They were released in the hall of the hearing. In the future the prosecutors could have an opportunity to introduce a new motion to elect for Savchenko and Ruban a measure of restraint. But it seems they didn’t have a pre-prepared motion dated for April 16th.

In addition, the court raised the question of possibly continuing the preparatory hearing on consideration of the indictment. But in view of the absence of the lawyer of Ruban, Shevchuk, in the hall, the decision was made to have a recess. The date of the next hearing is May 7th. And during this hearing the prosecutors can file a motion for the election of a measure of restraint for Savchenko and Ruban. Thus, Savchenko and Ruban will be free until the next court session.

“I come into this hall as a free person… I showed how to fight… I have regained my will and I will fight for Ukraine. I remain in the hall, having being in jail for a year, and I am not running anywhere,” said Nadezhda Savchenko.

Savchenko and Ruban were arrested on a charge of preparing a military takeover a year ago. The SBU considers that the people’s deputy and the volunteer of the ATO planned to blow up the Verkhovna Rada and kill the top brass of the country.

As proof, the department published a video of a conversation between Savchenko, Ruban, and the Ukrainian special forces soldiers of the 8th regiment of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine – which, as it became clear, worked for the SBU from the very beginning.

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However, the defendants deny any guilt. Savchenko says that she didn’t discuss an “act of retaliation” seriously, and Ruban said that the weapons cargo in Donbass that he took with him was imported from the DPR at the request of a special troops officer. I.e., the persons under investigation say that they were simply provoked, and afterwards they were framed for the purpose of unfolding a high-profile political case.

Savchenko gave an interview on the street after she left the courtroom: “I will tell you one thing. It was a very strange situation after two years in prison in Russia to get a year in prison in Ukraine. It was a strange situation to feel how Ukrainians are: how quickly they are fascinated and how quickly they are disappointed. How you can be a hero of Ukraine, and next day the enemy of the people just because the authorities said so. As a politician, I understood very well what propaganda is,” said Nadezhda Savchenko, picking Poroshenko apart, who in five years has not changed anything. “Go ahead without fear and sadness,” summed up the people’s deputy.

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