Naftogaz Asked Ukrainians to Reduce the Temperature in their Apartments by 1-2 Degrees to Save Gas Consumption

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainians were asked to reduce the temperature in their dwellings by several degrees to save gas consumption. This was reported by “Naftogaz Ukraine” on their page on Facebook.

According to Naftogaz, a decrease in temperature will allow to reduce the need for gas by 8-9%.

It was also reported that the day prior Russian Gazprom refused to supply gas for March and “reduced the pressure in the gas pipelines by 20% on its side of the system and minimised the sale of gas to other clients”.

The well-known propagandist and troubadour of the present Kiev regime Roman Donik complained about his apartment being cold. Probably, only the full collapse of housing and communal services is capable of arousing what remains of a conscience in the well-paid Ukrainian “patriot”.

“Minus 15. After two shutdowns in 4 days and the creation of operational staff with the involvement of the deputy minister of regional development and the first deputy of the head of emergency situations, on the second day exactly half the apartment is heated.

The bedroom and bathroom are heated, the kitchen and the second bedroom aren’t. The radiators haven’t been bled. I think that this is all because of deputies. Deputies always do everything without full calculation. I demand to send the top officials from now on, and not to get off with half-assed decisions”.

The Ukrainian socialist Denis Zharkikh living in Kiev, actually evaluating the state of affairs in the country – unlike the propagandist Donik, confirms his words:

“In my apartment the temperature is 12 (once it was 22). The bill for communal services is 5000 hryvnia (more than 10,000 rubles). This is everything you need to know about this government – expensive and inefficient. It is propped up only thanks to military hysteria and terror”.

As of January 1st, 2018, the minimum wage in Ukraine is 3723 hryvnia a month.

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