Names of SBU Officers Who Recruit Donbass Residents Revealed

Translated by Nikita Che



Lugansk Ministry of State Security established names of 22 SBU officers who had been ordered to recruit citizens of the Republic, reported Evgenia Lyubenko, the spokeswoman for the Ministry.

“The Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic is working on discovering and preventing the Ukraine secret services’ spy activity. Thus, during the course of a criminal case investigation, where criminal proceedings were instigated for the spy activity of SBU officers in the Republic, it was revealed that there are SBU mobile groups in the [Kiev-held] Lugansk region. The groups are subordinated to the central office directly. Their aims and tasks involve recruiting Lugansk citizens for spy activity,” she said.

“Partially, there is a SBU unit called MAP-148 in the [Kiev-held] city of Novoaidar, Lugansk region. The group is being formed of SBU officers from the [West Ukraine] Lvov region. We know their names,” the spokeswoman stated.

MAP-148 is composed of the following members:

1. Colonel Ruslаn Bishkо, nom de guerre “Zаkhаr”

2. Colonel Viktоr Bоykо, nom de guerre “Bоys”

3. Colonel Sеrgеy Аbrаmchuk, nom de guerre “Viun”

4. Colonel Vlаdimir Sеmchishin, nom de guerre “Sam”

5. Colonel Sеrgеy Chеpigа, nom de guerre “Zеlеny”

6. Colonel Аndrеy Sitnik, nom de guerre “Mаlysh”

7. Colonel Vlаdimir Nеchipоruk, nom de guerre “Gruzin”

8. Colonel Vаlеriy Mаnkо, nom de guerre “Pаstоr”

9. Captain Nikоlаy Gаlkin, nom de guerre “Vоrоn”

10. Captain Аlеksаndr Pеtrоvich, nom de guerre “Gоshа”

11. Captain Pаvеl Mаrkо

12. Mаjоr Оlеg Kоbrin, nom de guerre “Kоbrа”

13. Mаjоr Igоr Tsibulskiy, nom de guerre “Turist”

14. Mаjоr Pаvеl Mаlginоv, nom de guerre “Mаrkus”

15. Mаjоr Аndrеy Mаtеychuk, nom de guerre “Mаngоl”

16. Mаjоr Yarоslаv Gоdis, nom de guerre “Sеyvеr”

17. lеutеnаnt Оlеg Yablоnskiy, nom de guerre “Khоmyak”

18. Lieutenant Аndrеy Pаnchuk, nom de guerre “Pаnchеr”

19. Warrant officer Eduаrd Tаrаsоv, nom de guerre “Dum”

20. Warrant officer Аlеksаndr Nеstеrоvich, nom de guerre “Zеmа”

21. Warrant officer Nikоlаy Gupаlо, nom de guerre “Tоr”

22. Аndrеy Kоzаk, nom de guerre “Sirkо”.

“Data that is gathered during the course of the investigation will not allow named persons to avoid criminal responsibility for their offence,” Lyubenko said.

Earlier she also announced that secret officers’ attempts to force relatives of People’s Militia servicemen into espionage activity became extensive.

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