National Guard of Ukraine Shout Fascist Chants Over Speech of 93-Year-Old Veteran Condemning Banderists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A video appeared on the Internet of an incident with a 93-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War on May 9th in the center of Kiev, who decided in an interview to openly state the inadmissibility of reconciliation with UPA, and also to criticize the National Guard soldiers standing in a cordon chanting the fascist slogan-greeting “Glory to Ukraine — Glory to Heroes”.

“What glory to heroes?” said the veteran, addressing the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“On one side of the barricade are us veterans, on the another – the State, which wants to reconcile us with criminals. My soul rises against it,” he added, which caused the displeasure of a young man who demanded to recognize that the criminals were in the NKVD.

“I see every day at my house a picture of the 5-year-old boy – a sculpture in one of the villages of Galicia [Velykyi Lyubin – ed], the village was destroyed together with its population. It is with them that we have to reconcile? This boy was moved away now [dismantled – ed] so that people don’t remember and don’t know”, continued the veteran.

Having heard his speech, the National Guard soldiers standing behind the veteran begun to muffle it with fascist chants “Glory to nation – death to enemies!”, “Ukraine above all!”, etc.

The woman accompanying the veteran tried to stop his speech, feeling that things were about to take a dangerous turn. “Yes he is tired … We will go, we will go,”  she said.

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