Nationalists Left Candy and a Train Ticket to Lipetsk for Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Participants of the nationalist march that took place on February 22nd in the capital left for the president Petro Poroshenko a two-meter candy chocolate and a symbolical ticket to Lipetsk, where his Roshen factory is. This was reported by the correspondent of “Strana” from the place of the event.

They left the gifts outside the Presidential Administration as the column was passing by.

After that, protesters started lighting flares and smoke grenades.

“Your train leaves, Petro, eat candy and be in a hurry to hop onto the last cart,” chanted the participants of the march.

The “march of national dignity” is being carried out by radical right-wing nationalist parties – “Svoboda”, “National Korpus”, and “Right Sector”. Participants of the march gathered on Maidan at 10.00 and went to the Verkhovna Rada on Bankova Street.

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