Nationalists In Mariupol Attacked a Peaceful Petition Presentation in Support of the Russian Language

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On October 25th, in Mariupol in the Donetsk region the peaceful event of the Opposition Bloc “We Will Protect Our Common Future!” was disrupted. A group of unknown young persons in balaclavas stormed the campaign tent in which a petition for a revision of the Law “On Education” was presented. As a result of the aggression an elderly female volunteer was wounded. One of the attackers kicked her in the back.

According to eyewitnesses, the attackers were organised and quick. The national flags of Ukraine were damaged, tents were cut with knives, tables and chairs were broken. Also, the attackers destroyed the petition lists on which the residents of Mariupol expressed their attitude towards the education reform.

The police that arrived at the scene recorded the fact of aggression, wrote a report, and questioned eyewitnesses. In the past the police qualified these actions under Article 269 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – “hooliganism”.

The incident on October 25th is not just an attack on the tent of the “Opposition Bloc”, it is a violation of Article 39 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which guarantees the right of citizens “…to gather peacefully, without weapons, and to hold meetings, rallies, processions, and demonstrations that are coordinated with executive or local authorities beforehand”.

Despite the incident, the peaceful action of the Opposition Bloc “We Will Protect Our Common Future!” will continue.


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