Nationalists in Pervomaisk Threaten to Kill Anyone Who Removes UPA Flag From City Building

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The flag was established about a month ago when nationalists celebrated the 107th anniversary since the birth of Stepan Bandera. At this time, after attempting to remove the flag, Dromashko faced threats – nationalists threatened to kill anyone who will fulfil the request of the mayor, reports “News of Nikolaev”.

According to her, a decision was made to establish the state flag on this building, as is generally done with administrative establishments of the city.

“But I will tell you frankly, I was warned, and was told: ‘We know that you will not climb up there, but you will give an instruction to do it. The person who will change this flag for the state one won’t live, and this will be on your conscience’,” she described, noting that she won’t give such orders in order to not set people up.

“You can accuse me, you can do what you want, I didn’t put it up there. Law enforcement agencies were present when all this was carried out, but there was no action taken from the side of law enforcement agencies,” she declared.

Note that ideologists of the new Ukrainian power try to implant in the Army the traditions of the nationalist OUN-UPA, one of the founders of which is Stepan Bandera. Even instead of February 23rd, now the Day of Defender of the Motherland in Ukraine was moved to October 14th – day of the creation of UPA. Bandera himself at the same time became one of the Ukrainian “heroes”, according to the modern authorities. In honor of this historical figure, streets (in Kiev the former Moscow Avenue was renamed after him) are renamed, and mass events are held in his honor.

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