NATO Contingent as Bait & Switch for ATO Graveyard

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in droves sent out invitations for the “NATO contingent”. Yes, Yes, exactly. Mobilization isn’t speedy. The number of people willing to sign a contract also decreased. And suddenly there is such a selling point. The money’s decent. The conditions are also right. Though the invitations do not mention that at first you need to have a contract with “the most powerful army in Europe” [Ukrainian Army – ed] in order to sign it. And it’s not guaranteed that the coveted alliance will accept you, because they have a very strict selection procedure. About 10 people contest every place. But former ATO soldiers, who miraculously were discharged, try their luck and submit their application. There are no jobs in the public sector. There are no privileges also. Tariffs are crazy. And you need to eat every day. Here are such pies with kittens, as my grandmother used to say.

ATO NATO Ukraine

Military service under contract in the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

– the possibility of choice of location for military service: salary from 7000 to 12000 UAH;

– the working day from 9 to 18 or from 8 to 17 and 4 daily duties (keep guard) for a month, after which excludes the weekend;

– the opportunity to participate in the peacekeeping contingent of NATO abroad. Salary 1000-1200 euros;

– accommodation in dormitories;

– social package (medical care, benefits, the possibility of free education and obtaining a degree.

“hotline” for questions about military service under the contract, including for those wishing to join the Ukrainian troops: [number censored]

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