NATO Instructors Began Training Ukrainian Soldiers To “Use Force”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Lvov, NATO instructors from Canada started training Ukrainian soldiers to “use force”.

The course is assembled using the best techniques of member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Now the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be taught to “use force”, but only within the Ukrainian legislation.

The military personnel will be trained to work in extreme situations, to provide first aid, and also in methods of self-defense.

“We carry out training with instructors who specialize in the use of force. The course includes an array of knowledge: how to carry out arrest, how to use force proportionately and lawfully,” said the Canadian instructor.

It should be noted that training of the military personnel will happen at the base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lvov. As the deputy head of Military police of the UAF said, in the new military training center cadets and officers of the Ukrainian army will be trained. According to him, soldiers of Lithuania, the US, Italy, and Poland will also offer their experience to Ukrainian soldiers.

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