NATO Instructors Continue to Be Deployed to Donbass to Promote Fratricide

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past few days fired across the territory of the Republic 40 pieces of ammunition. This was reported today by the official representative of People’s militia of the Republic Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko at a briefing of the Lugansk Information Center. He noted that the situation in the zone of responsibility of the LPR People’s militia remains intense – over the past few days the enemy broke the ceasefire regime four times.

“Across the entire territory of the Republic, 40 shells were fired,” reported Marochko. He recalled that as a result of shelling, houses and power lines in the settlement of Frunze were damaged.

Marochko added that Kiev continues to throw mercenaries to the contact line to train the UAF military personnel “to be at war with their own people”.

“In most cases they are instructors of the NATO countries, which train the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on how they should be at war with their own people,” he declared.

“There are also private military companies (PMC) that kill civilians for money,” added the Lieutenant-Colonel. Earlier, Marochko reported that the UAF threw to the contact line a group of female snipers from the Baltic countries and Poland.

Also, he stated that the Ukrainian commandment transferred to the zone of the so-called “ATO” several hundreds of mercenaries from Canada, the Baltics, Poland, and Georgia. In addition, Marochko noted that mercenaries train the UAF military personnel in sabotage and reconnaissance, mine-subversive activities, and tactics of conducting combat in urban conditions.

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