NATO Instructors Were Blown up in Donbass After Entering a Minefield

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Military personnel of NATO were blown up on a minefield near Avdeevka, which is under the control of Kiev, and as a result three persons died, stated a source in the operative command of the DPR on May 17th.

“According to our intelligence, today NATO military personnel, whilst visiting the contact line accompanied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdeevka, were deliberately brought by the command of the UAF to a minefield, where the car with foreigners inside hit a mine,” said the source in the command of the DPR.

He noted that three NATO servicemen from Canada died, and two from America were wounded. “Also, there is information about three of the accompanying Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen being wounded,” added the source in the command of the DPR.

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