“NATO Standards”: Ukrainian Soldier Accidentally Executes His Drugged-Up Colleague in Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson



TIMER was able to learn about the details of the death of a soldier of the 54th mechanized brigade, which was deployed in the village of Vozrozhdeniye of the Bakhmutsky district of the Donetsk region.

As it turned out, the serviceman was accidentally shot by a colleague from the first battalion of an antiaircraft artillery unit, who mistook the soldier for the enemy.

Thus, at around 3:00 on March 18th, the serviceman saw in the street a figure in civilian clothes, and allegedly because of bad lighting he did not recognize his colleague, even though it was at a distance of about three meters. The soldier, fearing a possible attack, loudly said: “Stand, who are you? This is patrol, come towards me!”, but the man did not react.

After that, the serviceman pulled out a gun and opened fire at the unknown-to-him person once. As a result the colleague of the soldier died on the spot. It later turned out that the victim used drugs and, most likely, was in an inadequate state.

The serviceman of the first battalion is now in a pre-trial detention center.

The farce described above affirms that the Ukrainian Army can now justifiably brag about adopting “NATO standards”, and matching the performance as a whole of the U.S. Army. Whether it is raping women in Iraq and Japan, abusing minors in Somalia, or putting a bullet in their own heads back home, American troops and those trained by them have no soul left to sell to the devil.

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