Navalny Was Accused of Having Ties With an American NGO That Destroyed Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The American political strategists of the fund that promotes perspective politicians in different countries of the world were spotted at a restaurant in Moscow with a member of the team of Navalny Vladimir Milov.

A video of the meeting was posted online by journalists of It is noted that Milov had dinner with the Director of the large American venture fund Gen Next Foundation Michael Davidson. The primary activity of this organization is supporting politicians who dismantle their countries for the benefit of the US.

“We discussed various political and economic issues. So what?” snapped Milov when journalists asked him what he was doing with American citizens on the eve of elections.

The non-profit organization Gen Next Foundation is actively engaged in investments in “leaders of the next generation” in those countries where it is favorable for the US. Davidson figured at the campaign headquarters of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the past. Among those who work at the fund are the Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury and Juan Zarate. The latter, in addition, deals with issues of sanctions in the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. This organization wrote the Russophobic strategy of the security policy under George Bush.

The former State Department employee Jared Cohen is also in the leadership of Gen Next Foundation, he worked with Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. “It is easier to believe that Chikatilo [Russian serial killer – ed] is an angel than to believe that such a person has the best intentions vis-a-vis Russia,” noted PolitRussia.

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The most known Gen Next Foundation project was realized together with Al Jazeera. It consisted in the belief that Syrian officials, diplomats, and the military needs to come over to the side of the “democratic rebels” – those who cut off the heads of “political opponents” and who the Russian Air Force now helps to cleanse Syria from.

Vladimir Milov said that he was only asked to meet a group of foreigners, and he just shares with guests news about political and economic life.

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