Navalny Announced the Liquidation of His So-Called “Anti-corruption Foundation”

“Opposition” leader Aleksey Navalny announced the liquidation of the Anti-corruption Foundation, recognised as a foreign agent, which started to have difficulties after last year’s elections and unauthorised rallies.

According to the politician, all court decisions made against employees of the “Anti-corruption Foundation” – for the payment of fines – were or are being implemented thanks to donations from supporters. However, Navalny said the new lawsuit made further work impossible..

Navalny said that entrepreneur Evgeny Prigozhin filed a lawsuit against him, the “Anti-corruption Foundation, and Lyubov Sobol and demanded a total of 88 million rubles. The oppositionist notes that he considers the claim and the court’s decision that approved it absurd, since they contradict earlier decisions made in favour of the oppositionists. In particular, the courts have awarded the structures of Prigozhin to pay compensation.

“Judge … strikes with a hammer and says: ‘Prigozhin is right. I don’t care that he paid compensation’,” writes Navalny.

He notes that in this situation, he and Sobol have only one way out: to continue living with blocked accounts, since the oppositionists have no way to collect the claim amount even with the help of donations. As for the “Anti-corruption Foundation itself, “we will switch to another legal entity”.

“The ‘Anti-corruption Foundation‘ is not an office or a piece of paper from the Ministry of Justice. The ‘Anti-corruption Foundation‘ is people,” he added.

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