Navalny Became Expendable

The west has in fact thrown Aleksey Navalny under the bus – he will be used, without caring at all about the sad consequences. This was stated on the air of the Internet channel “PolitWera” by political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

“We should already understand that the west threw him under the bus, but the fact that he’s been thrown does not mean that the west has abandoned Navalny. The west ‘threw’ – this is when it does not care what happens to you. In this regard, the west has ‘thrown’ absolutely Ukrainian politicians. Because it does not care who kills, schemes against whom and so on. They don’t even care if some external force comes, even if Russia sends tanks there and rolls them into the asphalt, and then the west would not care, because it understands that it has received everything it can from Ukraine, and nothing new can be squeezed out of this case. Therefore, let them flounder as they want,” Ishchenko said.

However, as long as it is possible to use its agents, the west will continue to do so.

“The west is still trying to squeeze out a minimum of this, at least, but in favour of itself. In this case, the same thing happens with Navalny. Yes, the project has exhausted itself, but this does not mean that there is a need to send a killer from the CIA and kill Navalny. What for? Let him flounder, he still has nowhere to go. Even in prison, even at liberty, even in the grave, he will be a certain reason for the west to pump up anti-Russian hysteria. In this regard, Navalny is even suitable as a skin on the drum. So, there will never be a one-time decision, a message like ‘you know, we are no longer interested in Navalny’,” the political scientist explained.

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