Navalny & Co Will Pay Russia’s National Guard 2.3 Million Rubles in Compensation

The event of the day today was, of course, Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. It was worth the attention paid to it – there was something to listen to, to discuss, and to cause surprise. But against the background of such a big event, another, smaller in importance, but also very interesting, thing passed unnoticed.

The Cheryomushkinsky Court of Moscow decided to recover more than 2.3 million rubles from the so-called “non-systemic opposition” of Russia. A very nice cake. But the cherry on it is who they have to pay this money to – the National Guard of Russia! This is compensation for organising an illegal rally on August 3rd 2019 on the streets of the capital.

In the list of defendants there are “familiar faces” – Aleksey Navalny, Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Zhdanov, Vladimir Milov, Ilya Yashin, and other bright faces of the Moscow opposition. The court satisfied the demand of the Prosecutor’s Office and now they have to pay the National Guard the money spent on the allocation of additional forces, petrol, lubricants, and the overseeing of order during the unsanctioned protest.

Naturally, there is no limit to their indignation, because they consider themselves to be innocent. No, they did not try to challenge the very fact that the rally was illegal and thus protect their democratic values and their comrades who took part in it. Everything is much simpler – the creators of the Beautiful Russia of the future protected only themselves.

Navalny traditionally spent that day in prison, serving an administrative sentence. A familiar story. Ilya Yashin, according to the lawyer, was driven in a police car shortly before the rally, and then spent all day in court and “could not influence the event”. A similar story. In general, the rally was kind of on its own, and fighters against the “regime” – on their own.

But the court rejected these attempts to escape responsibility and accepted the prosecutor’s arguments. Navalny & Co were again hit where it hurts the most – their pocket. Of course! And it is not even about the amount, which is small in general for their budget, but about the precedent. The organisers of the disorder were forced to pay for the work of the National Guard, which had to combat this disorder. Flawless logic. Indeed, if it’s a job, why should it be done at the taxpayers’ expense? At our expense.

It’s a vicious circle for the Russian “opposition”. After all, unsanctioned rallies, noisy disorder, and provocations against OMON in front of camera lenses are the basis of their income, which is exactly what they receive their funding for. Now such activities have become a very expensive pleasure, but they do not know how to do anything else.

Aleksandr Samokhvalov

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