Navalny Got Caught Spreading Another Fake About the Vote on Constitution Amendments

Political scientist Mikhail Konev has exposed another fake from the blogger Aleksey Navalny about voting on amendments to the Constitution.

Earlier, the Moscow headquarters of Navalny published a post on Twitter saying that a resident of the capital came to the polling station in Lefortovo and found out that allegedly someone had already voted on behalf of all members of his family. After that, according to the blogger’s associates, the man started to receive threats.

“There weren’t enough problems, so he (Navalny) decided to come up with a drama in which the complainants-voters are threatened by the FSB and the government, and on ethnic grounds. Everything is similar to the plot of the play ‘Theater.Doc’ — a clear victim and a clear bloody regime. But why pass off the performance as reality?” Konev asked on his Telegram channel.

At the same time, the man himself refutes the fact of receiving threats.

“It would seem – why be surprised by fakes from Navalny? The goal is simple -to collect views and discredit any pro-government process. Political struggle is a difficult thing. If you do it, you should do it beautifully,” the political scientist concluded.

This is not the first fake from Navalny’s staff. Earlier, his colleague Leonid Volkov published a message saying that allegedly during six weekends in Moscow, members of the Election Commission refused to work because of the coronavirus, in connection with which their place was taken by outsiders. After the denial, he deleted the fake posts from his pages, but they remained on the social networks of other members of staff. Observers explained the purpose of these provocations. In addition, the opposition leader’s headquarters tried to pass off a video from last year as footage from the 2020 vote.

Dariya Khomyakova

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