Navalny & Khashoggi: The West’s Nauseating Hypocrisy

The world community represented by the US and Europe, as well as such structures as the UN, PACE, OSCE and, of course, the NATO alliance, should not turn a blind eye to the murder of critics of the authorities, no matter what country it happens. Because such precedents are an attack on the very foundations of democracy and freedom of speech.

And soon it will be two years since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist from Saudi Arabia, a well-known critic of the US and Saudi authorities. On October 2nd 2018 he applied to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul for a marriage document. His fiancee was not allowed to enter the Consulate, and she had to wait for Khashoggi until midnight, but he never came out. And he didn’t come back later either — he has been killed and dismembered right in the Consulate.

18 days later, Saudi authorities said through the state news agency that the journalist died as a result of a “fight” with people he met at the Consulate. Some time later, as the scandal continued, the Saudi Prosecutor’s office called Khashoggi’s murder “premeditated”, and a Saudi court hastily found and sentenced five to death.

Summary of the international organisation Reporters Without Borders: “The death sentences of the five accused in the Khashoggi case may be a way to hide the truth about this case due to the lack of transparency of the proceedings and the concealment of evidence.” The European Union’s foreign service condemned the death sentence imposed in Saudi Arabia. And? And that’s all.

Against the background of the absolutely wild case of Khashoggi, the play being acted out today with Navalny is an innocent child’s game of rat, as Ostap Bender used to say. Aleksey, by the way, is still alive. At least he was alive when he was handed over to “western partners”. So far, there is no evidence of poisoning other than words. But NATO holds meetings about Navalny and not Khashoggi. And the EU countries will also discuss Navalny. And the world’s media write about him in chorus. Why? Just because!

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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