Navalny & “Novichok”: A Few Awkward Questions

Navalny was already a very “interesting” person even without any Novichok.

I do not even know what can be added to what has already been said yesterday in the case of the “poisoning” of Navalny.

The situation is frankly idiotic, and not from the Russian side.

Again, the Russians were accused of poisoning Navalny with “Novichok”

1. Why poison someone selectively with MILITARY POISON GAS if there is a huge amount of all sorts of biological poisons that decompose in the body and often do not leave any traces at all.

1a. It’s not relevant that the symptoms don’t match?

1b. If Navalny’s underwear was poisoned, according to some media reports, the question arises: who could have access to his underwear? For example, only my wife and I have access to mine. And I’m sorry, but who would want to climb into Navalny’s?

2. How can a GAS be added to tea or, as in the case of Skripal, “smeared on the door handle”? It’s a gas, it’s volatile, not liquid!

3. How can it be that what should be a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is used for individual elimination, but no one else is injured in any of the cases?

4. What’s the sense in continuing to use “Novichok” if it didn’t work the previous time? Why not try something different, more effective?

5. Why allegedly poison someone and then let them leave the country, so that this poison can then be detected?

6. Why such extravagance? Aren’t concrete boots and a shove into the water enough?

7. What is wrong with the traditional methods of the Cheka/Joint State Political Directorate/NKVD, for example, in the form of combat intercontinental ice axes to the head?

8. Or what is wrong with methods from the 90s, including a tourist trip in the trunk to the nearest forest? As one of the most successful Vinnytsia, ahem, businessmen said, “I will kill, I will bury, they will not find”.

9. Not to mention a simple and banal question: who actually profits from a cheap clown with yellow ducks being poisoned?

9a. Especially now, when he owes about 30 million rubles according to court decisions.

10. And, finally, the most important question: have you terminally lost your mind, Messrs fascists (and their Anglo-Saxon masters)? You forgot “Nicht schiessen” and “Hitler kaput”?

If you really want to play detective, then investigate the murder of a certain Jeffrey Epstein. “The deceased knew too much”, because he has a strangulation furrow on his neck that is characteristic of strangulation, not suicide.

By the way, unarmed African-Americans are being shot by the cops. But “this is different, you know”. And, tellingly, again this concerns death, and not like Skripal or Navalny…

And in general, as a hereditary “bloody” KGBist, who studied the methods of work of comrade Sudoplatov, I responsibly declare: if the KGB wants to kill someone, it will kill them.

Like Trotsky, Konovalets, Bandera, and other enemies, terrorists, and Nazi criminals.

So if you weren’t killed, it definitely wasn’t us.

P.S. All this situation, when they try to make a mountain out of a mole hill, once again proves the total degradation of western elites in general and the special services in particular. Instead of James Bonds, there are only Mr. Beans, but they are depressing.

Aleksandr Rodgers

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