Navalny, Novichok, Nord Stream 2

Now, when it is already obvious that the performance with Navalny is an attempt to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, it is possible to speculate.

I still firmly believe that Navalny sipped some substance in the toilet of the plane himself. But his rapid transportation to Germany, the triumphant statement that Navalny is all steep in Novichok, and, most importantly, the bottle contaminated with it that was handed over by “relatives” to military doctors speak about the planning of such a performance.

The fact that Navalny could not have been poisoned by “Novichok”, and even from a bottle, and even with traces on his clothes, is obvious to anyone (well, except for the iodine-deficient fighters against the “regime”). All the same, this substance is a military poison and it would cause the death of many people, whether in the plane, in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, or in the hospital itself. It is only in fairy tales from Great Britain and Germany that they scream for a long time and then fall into a coma – in fact, they die from it. But something else here is interesting.

It’s without doubt that Navalny himself gave the go-ahead for such an “operation”, taking into account the active participation of his entourage and his own wife (who forbade Russia’s Investigative Committee’s investigators from withdrawing personal belongings for research). Imagine how much you have to trust western curators to agree to: “Drink this on the plane, immediately fall asleep, then enter into a coma, then exit it, you won’t even feel anything”. The sad example of Skripal taught Aleksey nothing. However, they could have said it another way: “You’ve been getting a lot of money for many years, now it’s time to prove your worth – it’s necessary, Lyosha, it’s necessary, as they say in your Russian cinematography”.

Being a traitor is very bad, dear children. Even if you really don’t want to work and hate your country. Even if you are given money, you meet with well-known European officials, and the European media write about you. You will be used, and then you will be dying like Skripal or … Navalny?

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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