Navalny Would Rather Die Than Answer These Questions

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Russian oppositionist Aleksey Navalny, who in his attempts to create an image of a “fighter against corruption” has turned into a downright liar, fraudster, and a crook, nowadays isn’t perceived in Russian society even as anything akin to  a “political figure”. Navalny’s Anti-corruption Foundation is a fiction, which is plentifully eating the money of patrons and donors. Navalny’s methods of raising his rating, we are speaking about the use of children, is the highest form of obscenity, and Navalny 2018 in general is delirious bullsh*t.

In fact, the only thing that can force Russians today to listen to Navalny is his answers to the mass of questions to the oppositionist that have accumulated, the vast majority of which are very inconvenient for Aleksey, and an honest answer to them, without doubts, will slam shut the cover of the coffin of this entire farcical project. Here are a few of them:

  • Aleksey, you claim that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin violates the Constitution of the Russian Federation, staying in power for 17 years. What article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in your opinion, was violated by Vladimir Vladimirovich?

  • You claim that the foundations of the Constitution of the Russian Federation belong to the people. On the basis of what article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation did you make such a statement?

  • The wife of Udaltsov S.S. and the lawyer of Razvozzhaeva L.M. claim that you didn’t help the convicts in the “Bolotnaya Square case”. Where did you spend the money you raised?

  • In 2008 you stated that “nationalism must become the core of the political system in Russia”. Do you support the ideas of nationalism?

  • Did you keep in touch with some representatives of nationalists with criminal records under articles 228, 213, 282, and 108 of the Criminal Code?

  • For what purpose did you, being a mayoral candidate of Moscow, conceal the fact of the existence of a company in Montenegro, issued in your name?

  • You cited as an example the Yukos affair, accusing Usmanov A.B. of transfer price-fixing. Do you consider that the court passed an fair verdict concerning Khodorkovsky M.B?

  • In the “program” section on your website, “Basic points of the electoral program of Aleksey Navalny” are available. When will the full version be published?

  • Why in your “program” is it proposed to exempt only businessmen from taxes ? Businessmen in this regard deserve such preferences?

  • Do you have an idea of what sum will be lost by the budget in the event of the cancellation of taxes for businessmen, and what will compensate for the half-received means?

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