Navalny Returned to Russia With Instructions From the US: A Stake Is Put on Celebs and a Brutal Crackdown

Today the oppositionist and blogger Aleksey Navalny returned from his trip abroad. Officially he went to “see off his daughter” to Stanford, however in practice he reported to the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who settled as a teacher at an elite institution surprisingly comfortably.

Having returned to Russia, Navalny first of all organised a meeting to transfer new instructions to his supporters. It is desired to make the next planned rally on September 29th large and brutal so that his managers over the hill understand the “value” of their asset.

What Navalny specifically tries to obtain became known from a tweet of his former supporter – the former volunteer of his headquarters Aleksandr Turovsky.

“It’s reached my ears how Navalny held a meeting after returning from the US, of course, he was not only running around and having fun there. There is a need for reports, the rally should be very large and drastic, so there is a need for more appeals from celebs and artists, they use the Ustinov case. A million was allegedly given to Bortech, who encouraged to participate in the event. The instruction of Volkov, who is also abroad now, not only to help Svetov financially with a normal stage and loudspeakers, but also to repeat the success of the rally when he called upon Dud, Oxxxymiron, and so on. By the way, back then attention was given to stars like Face and Krovostok in the form of 10 times more money, i.e., at a cost of 800,000 rubles, they received 8 million. So no expense was spared!”

It turns out that Navalny needs arrests, detentions, and sacral victims. The intensity of emotions after the Moscow protests dies away. Those deemed to be not guilty are being released, and those are deemed to be guilty are in jail. In addition, judging by Navalny’s discontent, his foreign curators aren’t impressed with losing the election. The result is zero: from the nominated candidates the “United Russia” party member Shaposhnikov was elected as the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma.

In order to convince Western sponsors to allocate more money, “new blood” is necessary. Navalny’s fees directly depend on the cruelty and degree of the crackdown. A juicy picture is important for the blogger, and he is ready to dump his supporters at any time.

The blogger invites everyone to rallies with sweet promises to give them money for any damage caused, but in practice he never helps his former comrade-in-arms out, changing them as often as he changes his socks.

Navalny isn’t afraid of punishment, he is protected by very influential people. Having performed his work, the blogger quietly sits in jail for 15 days in comfortable conditions, and then goes to ride elephants or to sunbathe on sunny beaches. Each to their own: one earns at the expense of fools, and fools are thrown under the truncheons of police.

Evgeny Radugin

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