Navalny Urged Supporters to Violate the Rules of Voting on Constitution Amendments

Blogger Aleksey Navalny called on his colleagues to provoke violations during the vote on amendments to the Constitution. This became known after the correspondence of the manager of the so-called “Anti-corruption Fund” Olga Guseva appeared online.

The unknown people who hacked her device took possession of a full archive of content and proposed to those who wanted to get acquainted with the instructions that were given to subordinates in the run-up to the vote. Thus, people are encouraged to try to vote twice before July 1st — either online and offline, or try to use the same passport. In this case, the violation must be filmed, so that later it becomes an argument in favour of the fact that there is allegedly no point in going to vote.

Earlier, an associate of Navalny was caught in another fake about voting. Vladimir Pushkov, head of LLC “Agromaglesprom”, accused the “Golos” movement of creating fakes on the “map of election violations”. The statement was made in an interview with the Telegram channel “Anti-Propaganda”.

Previously, the “Golos” map published information indicating that allegedly Pushkov’s enterprise issued an order for forced voting. The “same” document was attached to the publication. When the businessman was asked to comment on the situation, he said that in fact the company has not existed for about five years.

Having caught “Golos” in a lie, he called the statement a fake and emphasised that now the company does not have any employees listed. Therefore, such an order has simply no one to address.

“In fact, [the company] exists, but it has not worked for several years… Who can I give an order to? The air?” he said ironically.

The channel’s authors noted that Vladimir Pushkov and his brother Dmitry have long supported Navalny. They both sided with him when he announced his desire to run for President.

Sofiya Alabina

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