Navalny’s HQ in St. Petersburg Is Managed by an Employee of an NGO Supervised by the Israeli Authorities

On November 21st it became known that the head of the regional headquarters of A. Navalny in St. Petersburg was a former municipal deputy candidate for the Smolninsky municipality Irina Fatyanova. But special attention to Fatyanova is attracted not even because of her attempt to be elected as a deputy, but by the substantial experience of working for a foreign state structure – the Israeli Cultural Center at the Embassy of Israel in the Russian Federation. By the way, this organisation is structurally subordinate to the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Fatyanova worked at the Israeli Cultural Center in Novosibirsk during the period of 2000-2010. In 2013 she attended a meeting of the First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel I. Zwaig with the management and students of the Altai State Technical University.

Similar cultural centres at the Embassy of Israel operate on the territory of the former USSR through the organisation “Nativ“, which is engaged in strengthening ties with the diaspora in the CIS. “Nativ” is directly part of the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

And Fatyanova has worked for this organisation since 2009, as is reported on the official website.

Here it is mentioned along with a post.

And also here.

In the Israeli Cultural Center of Novosibirsk Fatyanova was the coordinator of youth projects, and she also worked at the School Club of the Innovative Cultural Center, which is designed for schoolchildren aged 12-17.

In addition, since 2008 she has been the regional coordinator at the Youth Club of Jewish Scouts “Tsofim” – “Tsameret”. “Tsofim” also refers to the structure of “Nativ” projects. In 2019 Fatyanova was even the director of the “Tsofim”/”Tsameret” summer camp for young people from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And it is no accident that the headquarters of Navalny noticed Fatyanova precisely due to her experience in agitating young people, as schoolchildren aged 12-17 have recently been the main target audience of the head of the “Anti-corruption Foundation“.

P.S. Aleksey Navalny: the State Department does not surprise us, neither does money from security officials, but transferring the headquarters to the management of the Israelis is something new. Is everything okay in there?

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