Navalny’s “Poisoning” Stunt

As soon as Russia released the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, Navalny was immediately poisoned. This is to “remind” all those countries that lined up to buy it: Russia is not a progressive country that can save the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe at a critical moment for humanity, but the homeland of poisons and vile poisonings, led by a KGB murderer.

Such a deep shock happened to “western” partners when not they, but the “gas station country” was the first to create a vaccine against the plague of the 21st century. Even for a penny (and even for free), it is ready to give it to many poor countries. Such humiliation is hard to bear. Envy makes you smear dirt and build a familiar associative array in the minds of the average person: Russia-KGB-novichok-poison-vaccine.

“Do you really want to inject yourself with a pharmaceutical drug made by a country that is ready to poison anyone who gets in its way?”

Well, even minus my contribution, a lot has been written about the sacred, but more useless for the west “martyr”, who lost respect in the opposition environment, but is suitable for being a sacrificial lamb – Navalny.

When protests stir up Khabarovsk, when there is almost a revolution in the Union Belarus, when passions over the Skripal poisoning have not subsided, when the west has already imposed all possible sanctions and is looking for an excuse to introduce new ones, Putin sits and thinks: “What should I do?.. And I’ll poison Navalny!” But this is funny to us, people with brains.

But, unfortunately, both in our country and in the west, there are still many people without brains. Those who will not care about the question “who benefits?”, and what kind of poisoners does Putin have that are so incompetent that they can not poison anyone to death, and what are these expired poisons… Fools will again yell “For how long it will last!”, there will be again sanctions and all these persimmons. And for Navalny, of course, I wish health, we would be bored without him.

Aleksandr Gontar

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