Navalny’s Poisoning: The Story of a Hoax

What actually caused the coma of the opposition blogger and what substance was found in his body? An investigation into the alleged “poisoning” of Navalny

August 20th 2020. News feeds explode with breaking new: Aleksey Navalny became ill on the plane. He was taken to the Omsk hospital. The oppositionist is in a coma”. Gigabytes of versions, rumours, fakes, sometimes indistinguishable from each other. Doctors explain their position to journalists as patiently as they can, Navalny’s supporters picket the clinic and poison the doctors, world leaders express concern… In the chaos of those days, it was difficult to separate the real information from the fakes -the latter were “legalised” via the media, including western outlets.

But to understand what happened, sometimes it is useful to take a pause, accumulate everything that was stated then by all parties, and find the key. That’s what the journalist Vladislav Dorofeyev did. His investigation formed the basis of the book “Was Navalny poisoned? Facts and versions”, which was published by the Publishing House “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The author claims that it was important for him to protect the reputation and honour of the Russian doctors who saved the opposition leader. And who, according to Dorofeyev, made a real diagnosis. This is stated in this book.

Here are some excerpts from it.

Who started the rumour

… Kira Yarmysh, who calls herself Navalny’s press secretary, although he insists on calling her an assistant, immediately announced his poisoning. I.e., even before Navalny’s examination by doctors in the hospital, before tests and studies. “This morning, Navalny was returning to Moscow from Tomsk. During the flight, he became ill. The plane landed urgently in Omsk. Aleksey has toxic poisoning. Now we are going to the hospital in an ambulance… We believe that Aleksey was poisoned with something mixed in the tea. It was the only thing he’d had since morning. Doctors say that the toxin was absorbed faster through the hot liquid. Now Aleksey is unconscious,” Yarmysh wrote on Twitter.

… Dr. Aleksandr Sabayev (Chief toxicologist of the Siberian Federal District. – Ed.): “The diagnosis of ‘poisoning’ was the first and main one at the admission (of Navalny), but then was excluded for a variety of reasons and studies… Atropine was administered during his stay in the intensive care unit of the emergency hospital No. 1. But for completely different indications and not in the dosages that should be used as an antidote for poisoning with chemical preparations…” Sabayev categorically refutes the narrative that the patient Navalny had been poisoned and atropine had been introduced in the ambulance. There is a fundamental detail that gives the practicing Omsk doctor irresistible strength and persuasiveness. It was Dr. Sabayev who was the attending physician in Omsk Emergency Medical Service Hospital No. 1 on August 20th-22th 2020 of the patient A. A. Navalny…

…Zhdanov (director of the Anti-corruption Foundation, Navalny’s structure, recognised as a foreign agent. – Ed.) states that the “transport police” has information about what substance Aleksey was poisoned with. He states that the found “substance poses a threat not only to the life of Aleksey, but also to others… everyone around should be in protective suits”.

After Zhdanov, Navalny’s wife appeared in black opaque glasses: “It seems that everything is being done to make the traces of the substance disappear. We have no confidence in this hospital. They don’t explain anything to us! Everything is super-transparent!..” But by this time she knew the diagnosis made at that time to Aleksey. It has already been announced to her, as Dr. Kalinichenko (deputy head physician of the Omsk hospital) did not fail to state. – Ed.)…

… Navalny’s aides turned him into a hostage to the idea of poisoning. Poisoning with political potential charges against Russia! It was the game of his entourage, the first game played in the absence of its leader. When he wakes up, there will be nothing to fix. The retinue made their king what they imagined him to be…

The Bottle Game

… The Yarmysh version of Navalny’s poisoning is picked up and creatively developed by Mariya Pevchikh (Navalny’s mysterious assistant from London. – Ed.). The version with poisoning in the hotel is rapidly coming up (since the Yarmysh version about poisoning with tea at the airport has collapsed – the camera recordings showed that Aleksey’s tea was brought by his employee. – Ed.). They say that they were poisoned in a hotel, and the poison was put in water bottles! Under the direction of Pevchikh, bottles are seized on camera from the hotel room in which Navalny allegedly spent the night.

I.e., there is nothing yet – no tests, no statements from Omsk doctors, and there is already a ready-made narrative: poisoning! Moreover, the drug that allegedly poisoned Navalny has already been named. Then another one will be named. The methods of poisoning will also be changed along the way: tea-bottle-clothes-underwear.

But that’s not all. Because now this chance could not be missed. Mariya Pevchikh initiates the transportation of Navalny for treatment abroad, where it will be easier to impose the necessary narrative on public opinion…

On September 4th, the German newspaper Der Spiegel will report that traces of poison were found on the bottle from which Navalny drank. According to Der Spiegel, this bottle was brought by relatives of the opposition leader and handed over to doctors in Berlin. The publication suggested that Navalny took a sup from it after the poisoning, having left on it traces of the poison. German journalists also got confused with relatives who were not with Navalny in Tomsk. And with a bottle, which allegedly Mariya Pevchikh, who is not a relative, brought from the Tomsk hotel, which was allegedly eloquently evidenced by the video footage from the alleged room of Navalny in the Tomsk hotel.

Mariya Pevchikh got to the German medical plane in Omsk via Novosibirsk, where she arrived by car from Tomsk, from which there are no direct flights to Omsk. At the pre-flight inspection at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport, there are no bottles in the suitcase and backpack of Pevchikh that were with her (X-ray images of the baggage inspection of all passengers are preserved).

The investigative authorities objectively established that after passing the pre-flight inspection, Mariya Pevchikh purchased a 500 ml bottle of “Holy Spring” water from a vending machine in the sterile area of the airport, with which she arrived in Omsk…

…I.e., the filming in the Tomsk hotel room was staged. And the version with the bottle is a lie…

“Secret” diagnosis

…At the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia dated August 27th, addressed to the authorities of Germany, it will be written that Navalny was in the Omsk hospital “with a clinical diagnosis: the main one is a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, concomitant chronic pancreatitis with impaired external and intra-secretory functions, exacerbation”. I.e., the version of the poisoning was not confirmed in any of the numerous analyses taken from Navalny during his stay in the Omsk hospital. Based on actual diagnostic and laboratory data and visual observations, the medical council formed at that time in the Omsk hospital suggested that Navalny’s condition could be the result of metabolic problems, in particular, a decrease in blood sugar …

…According to eyewitnesses, Yuliya Navalny after the announcement of her husband’s diagnosis slumped. In the presence of journalists, standing at the service entrance, Yuliya called someone, crying. Then she requested a written diagnosis. But even after that, she did not tell reporters anything, although she was not bound by medical secrecy. Eyewitnesses had the impression that Yuliya constantly received instructions on the phone, what new questions to ask, what demands to voice, who and what to accuse…

… On August 21st, 2020, Aleksandr Murakhovsky (the chief doctor of the Omsk hospital – Ed.) came out to the journalists again and made public the diagnosis, previously reported to relatives. “We have working diagnoses. The main one is a violation of the carbohydrate balance, metabolism. This may be caused by a sharp drop in blood sugar on the plane, which caused the loss of consciousness”…

First things first

…By the end of August 20th, information spread, with reference to the most widely circulated newspaper in Germany, Bild, that the German human rights foundation Cinema for Peace was preparing documents and renting an ambulance plane to transport Navalny to Germany for treatment.

Jaka Bizilj, the head and founder of the foundation, said that “transport permits and a medical report for a patient in a coma” will be provided in the near future, so that after midnight a plane from the German air ambulance will be sent to Omsk. Bizilj noted that Navalny’s wife would also be able to fly to Germany with the patient. And no one else! Let’s remember this detail!..

… Around 8.05-8.15 (August 22nd, 2020. – Ed.) the plane with Aleksey Navalny took off from Omsk to Berlin. With him – Yuliya Navalnaya. It’s expected. But not only that. The second place (in a sanitary aircraft Bombardier Challenger 604 plane there are only two seats for sedentary patients) was occupied by Mariya Pevchikh (although the German government claims that on board Navalny was accompanied only by his wife Yuliya and press secretary Yarmysh. – Ed.)… Mariya Pevchikh is the main link, the main organiser in this big game of taking Navalny’s body abroad…

…And Yarmysh only noted on Twitter the departure of the ambulance flight: like, “the plane with Aleksey flew to Berlin. Thank you all so much for your support”…

… No one asked for Navalny’s consent to be taken abroad, nobody agreed with him to launch a disinformation campaign against Russian doctors under his name, etc. Basically, using him as a hostage…

“Der Spiegel” instruction booklet

… Looking back at everything that is happening around Navalny in Germany, one can see, like in a magic mirror, that the characters of this farce seemed to be checking their actions against the instructions published in the German “Mirror” (Spiegel – German). In an interview published there with an expert chemist Blum, there are several tips and instructions for the participants of the farce played out in Germany around Navalny at once.

The first

“Der Spiegel: Russian government critic Navalny was apparently poisoned with contact poison from the organophosphate group. How big do you think the chances are that experts will still be able to pinpoint a particular substance?

Blum: Organophosphates, which include various chemical weapons, in particular VX, sarin or substances of the Novichok family, but also herbal protective agents (organophosphates are the base of many insecticides, such as dichlorvos. – Auth.), Block the action of an important nerve enzyme. systems. Then cholinesterase is suppressed for a long time – until the body gradually develops this substance again. This means that in the analyses of Navalny’s plasma, in theory, we can still find signs of the substance used … “

If German journalists and German intelligence services were more attentive to what is happening in Omsk, they would have noticed that “organophosphates” have already been heard in the story of Navalny’s coma.

The second

“Der Spiegel: But the concentration of molecules in these samples will be very low?

Blum: Yes, one has to try to find a couple of traitorous molecular remains among a billion others. But a powerful mass spectrometer in a good laboratory will cope with this task … “

The fact of the matter is that it has already coped.

“Organophosphates” were found as a result of a chromatographic study carried out by specialists of the forensic medical examination laboratory of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, involved at the request of the management of the Omsk hospital, examining on their equipment swabs from the hands, nails, clothes, hair of Navalny.

I.e., the answer of the German chemist means that the poisonous substance declared by the Berlin doctors was found with the help of technology already successfully used for research and analysis by the Omsk forensic experts.


“Der Spiegel: Is it possible to find this substance on the surface of the body?

Blum: Yes, when using contact poisons in places of contact, for example on the skin, one can find residues or degradation products. Even if Navalny went through the cleaning procedure in the Omsk hospital, there are chances that the swab will find the remains of the substance.

Der Spiegel: Where should one look for them?

Blum: We, of course, do not know exactly when Navalny came into contact with the poisonous substance. But we can assume that he was dressed at that moment. This means that first of all we need to take samples from his palms, forearms, face and, possibly, neck …”

But this is already a session of German self-exposure. It is necessary to study the primary sources more carefully, without arrogance. The discoveries, which the German chemist and Berlin doctors before him in the statement of the Charite clinic, point to, have already been recorded and made public in Omsk on August 21st, 2020, when there was still no clarity about the transportation of Navalny, who was then in intensive care in a coma…

Then, on August 21st, at an evening meeting with journalists, the head physician of the Omsk hospital emphasised that the substance found in the forensic laboratory was found “not in the patient’s biomaterials, not in their blood, not in their urine”, but on the “surface” – clothes, hands, nails, the patient’s hair.

On September 2nd, according to the script published on August 27th in Der Spiegel, representatives of the German government said, citing analyses made in the military laboratory of the Bundeswehr, that Navalny had been poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group of chemical warfare agents.


“The doctors did not make any mistakes”

What was this whole hoax for? – I asked the author of the book Vladislav Dorofeyev.

“I have not tried to answer this question. I didn’t want to look at this matter from a political point of view. The medical component was important to me … You see, in recent years, doctors have saved 6 members of my family from death. Just arriving on time by ambulance. And I could not believe that such people could commit a crime. And they were accused of a crime. And in my research I come to the conclusion that the doctors made no mistakes. They really did not find any toxic substances in the body and made the only correct diagnosis, which has no criminal and political background. Everything that happened after Navalny’s departure to Germany was already politicking. And Navalny himself became a hostage of this farce. He was simply left with no choice.”


On September 7th, Mr. Navalny was brought out of the artificial coma he had spent 18 days in. Along the way, feeling emotional, Navalny, thanking the German doctors for “saving” him, singled out his attending doctor, Kai-Uwe Eckardt, for “incredible work”. The result was a self-exposé. Because this doctor is a diabetes and kidney specialist, not a toxicology specialist! That is, the Omsk diagnosis of renal failure, glycemic coma and problems with Navalny’s metabolism is again confirmed…

… The Germans went to the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. – Ed.) to back up their accusations. The response from the OPCW on October 6th, 2020 was Jesuit: “The cholinesterase inhibitor biomarkers found in Mr. Navalny’s blood and urine samples have structural characteristics similar to those of toxic chemicals belonging to lists 1.A.14 and 1.A.15, which were added to the Chemicals Annex to the Chemical Weapons Convention during the 24th Session of the Conference of Party States in November 2019. This cholinesterase inhibitor is not listed in the Convention Chemicals Annex”. “The substance of the Novichok group found in Navalny’s samples is not on the OPCW’s list of chemicals”.

If translated from clerical, then something like this. The discovered substance does not belong either to poisons or chemical warfare agents and does not appear in the lists of prohibited chemicals. I.e., one cannot poison with this substance! The OPCW also clarified that the Permanent Mission of Germany has contacted the OPCW Secretariat with a request to make the summary of the report publicly available. But! The formula of the found substance in the published report (statement) of the OPCW was concealed.

Nobody – neither German doctors, nor the German Chancellor, nor the OPCW – names the substance found in Navalny … Because, with a high degree of probability, the Germans would have to repeat the formula of the substance, published on August 21st in Omsk (“2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate”, or “diphenyl phosphate” or “C H O P – organophosphate, phosphoric acid ester”). And this is not a poison, not a poisonous substance. They were forced to confirm this indirectly, in particular, in the OPCW, having reported that the discovered substance is not included in the list of prohibited ones.

Aleksandr Kots

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