Nazi “Azov” Militant: We Don’t Mourn any Russian Scum Killed in Odessa, It Should’ve Happened in Crimea Too

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The militant of the Ukrainian Nazi “Azov” regiment Sergey Filimonov posted a statement in which he stresses that his co-thinkers “don’t grieve for any Vatnik scum” killed in Odessa four years ago. Moreover, Filimonov regrets that such mass burning of Russians wasn’t carried out in Donbass and Crimea already before Kiev lost control over these regions.

“Exactly 4 years ago in Odessa evil spirits tried to stage a ‘Russian spring’. Thanks to the nationalists who showed force, Ukraine has a resort city…

For me it is unclear why the authorities doesn’t make this day a holiday? Is it really not important for us that nothing is burning for vatniks [a pejorative word for Russians – ed]?

…The calendar is full of dates of mourning and tragedies. I want to remind that we also have VICTORIES and many reasons to be proud, and today is one of such days – the Day of defence of Odessa.

We don’t mourn any killed vatnik scum. If we had the opportunity in 2014 we would’ve forcefully defended both Crimea and Donbass …

Thanks to those heroes who defended Odessa 4 years ago. In honor of this event, we hold a march of ‘Ukrainian order’ and invite you to celebrate this day together with us!” wrote Filimonov.

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