Nazi “Azov” Militants Held a Ceremony on the Shore of the Azov Sea

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Urzuf – controlled by the Ukrainian side – in the south of Donbass a memorial ceremony took place, during which militants of the neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment honoured their brothers-in-arms who died during combat.

This was reported on the official site of the “Azov” regiment.

The ceremony took place at night on a square in front of one of the garrisons of the regiment, where the militants were assembled in a line, holding in their hands burning torches and shields with the call signs of the dead and symbols used in Nazi Germany.

“During four-years of the military path the ‘Azov’ regiment has lost 35 soldiers who remained faithful to our ideas to the end. During the event their presence is symbolised by shields with etched call signs, representing a long military tradition. Each shield is preserved for a year in the unit where the dead served. Today the shields are held by the best friends of the dead, those members of Azov who remember the last minutes of their life,” it is explained in the message on the website.

The commander of the regiment with the call sign “Redis”, who spoke instead of the first commander Andrey Biletsky, opened the ceremony.

“It’s not every one of us who will have the honor to die in the battle during the fight for our homeland. This is indeed an heroic act that is peculiar to brave people. Unfortunately, for objective reasons today at our event the first commander of Azov Andrey Biletsky is absent. But he is with us mentally, and he asked to emphasize the following: the most important thing is to remain faithful to our perished brothers-in-arms, to finish what they were fighting for and to do it in such a way that their deaths weren’t in vain, to win back our lands, to recreate, restore, and create a new powerful state,” said Redis from the tribune.

In general this ceremony was reminiscent of the torchlight processions that were practiced in Hitler’s Germany.

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