Nazi Dictatorship: Militants Of “Azov” Threatened to Massacre Journalists in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nazi militants from Azov on December 23rd blocked the office of the forbidden after Euromaidan Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev, where a meeting of Komsomol members, allegedly, was taking place.

The event was disrupted. The police arrived on the scene. In order to avoid a fight, the participants of the failed meeting were evacuated in an “ambulance”.

“We will continue our surveillance over them. In any form – on the Internet or not on the Internet. Today their sabbath was disrupted. And our objectives were achieved. We broke their spine. They know what we know about them. All of them recorded by our cameras and journalists with their faces exposed. They will be documented by police.

They understand that any activity or conversation about the restoration of the Communist Party – in the Odessa or Kharkov region — was already stopped. We already know who it is. And we will act decisively. None of the beasts from the past can pass.

The Communist Party was forbidden and will continue to be forbidden. And no branch – Komsomol, pioneers or Little Octobrists – has any right to operate in Ukraine. They bear the anti-Ukrainian idea. They create the springboard for an offensive of the Russian authorities and military …

We will monitor the Russian media today, to see whether they will dare to give something or not. If they dare – we will deduce also journalists who were here. We will find everyone who helps the aggressor – the Russian Federation,” said the representative of the Nazis Aleksandr Alferov.

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