Nazi Militant Biletsky: We Need to Strike Donbass the Same Way Israel Strikes Palestine

The leader of the “Azov” National Regiment Andrey Biletsky says that Ukraine needs to take a leaf out of the Israel-Palestine book and “respond to separatists” with massive artillery strikes on the territories of the republics of Donbass. According to the militant, this should be accompanied by the complete closure of all checkpoints in Donbass and a total blockade.

“I am a supporter of how this is done in Israel. They responded to one rocket attack by striking 64 targets. They do not just block the checkpoint, they block the two largest checkpoints, they say: ‘Everyone, now no one goes to work’. They don’t drive, they shut it down. You don’t work, you don’t drive, you don’t do anything. Why? Because it’s dangerous. Here, we now have a red level of danger in Israel. You fired, there was an armed attack, and so on. Check points do not work. It hits the pockets of the Palestinian authority,” dreams Biletsky.

The militant complained that Ukraine is completely “bending” before the demands of the republics of Donbass and the Russian Federation.

“For every step of bending – and it is bending, we bend – the Russians respond to us by raising the degree of conflict in Donbass, forcing us to bend more. I don’t see what the freeze is. I see that they are just not going to freeze and lead to the fact that they will force maximum concessions. When we pursue a policy of constant bending, we will not absolutely ever achieve such a strategy,” said the punisher.

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