Nazi Organisation “C14” Exploited Children in Order to Further Harass Svetlana Pikta in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

10/08/2017 1/2

Radicals from the C14 group carried out an action under the windows of the Kiev resident Svetlana Pikta, who they consider to be a “separatist”. This was reported on the Facebook page of the writer Larisa Nitsoy, urging her followers to come to the action.

“There is such a separatist in Kiev – Svetilkin Lana. She lives quietly. She speaks in the media, condemns our fighters, calls them murderers, goes to the Moscow sect, organizes electronic voting among Vatniks against the names of streets by the names of our heroes – she defends Soviet anti-Ukrainians, opposes the Ukrainian language, collects aid to the fighters of the so-called DPR-LPR. In short, she isn’t joking around. She became a star of Russian TV, she describes via Skype to the Russian media that in Kiev almost all of them, such as her, are heroic women, but all of them are afraid to show it, but she is not afraid. She receives serious legal support from the Opposition Bloc and the lawyer Montyan…

Recently, the activists of С14 came to her home, they wanted to speak. The heroine did not come out. ‘Horrible’, ‘aggressive’, ‘violent’ activists glued stickers on her house that said that there is a separatist living here.

For a long time, I did not want to write about this Moscow crap on my page. And now ‘little fascists’ organize a ‘punishment’ for the separatist under her windows near her house. All the willing Kievans with children will come to draw pictures for our ATO fighters, in order to convey it to the frontline.

That’s why, I ask all Kievans and those who can come to Kiev to join this ‘very horrible’ action. Please, whoever is in Kiev, come. Bring with you only a good mood. Everything will be there for drawing.

P.S. You know, friend-Ukrainians – it’s not for nothing that we are God’s favorite nation. Who else would have thought about such a ‘punishment’. Muscovites will not understand…

I immediately remembered the ‘militant’ Maidan – fully creative and art: helmets with paintings, poetic marathons, rallies with songs and dances… We are cool. God’s children.
So you’ll come?”

Earlier nationalists tried to enter the flat of Svetlana Pikta in order “to talk”, and also pasted all over the entrances of her house offensive announcements with her photo and personal data.

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The interest of C-14 in the Kiev resident is caused by the fact that earlier she privately spoke against the collecting of warm clothes for the soldiers of the ATO organized at the school where the children of the Kiev resident study.

The writer Nitsoy accused the Kiev resident of “collecting help to fighters of the ‘LDPR’ and visiting the ‘Moscow sect'” – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

According to “Strana“, Svetlana is currently on vacation in the Chernigov region on the bank of the Desna, and she doesn’t intend to come back to Kiev in the nearest future.

“The statements of Nitsoy – that I oppose the Ukrainian language and collect help for the DPR-LPR fighters – is an absolute lie. It is impossible to find anywhere my bad statements about the Ukrainian language. I didn’t collect anything for fighters of the DPR-LPR,” Svetlana said to us.

According to her, the mother of the deceased Irina Berezhnaya, the famous lawyer Elena Berezhnaya helped her to make a complaint about the actions of radicals and also appeals to OSCE and the UN: “Moreover, on the day of the death of Irina! And she also wrote to me the words of support on Sunday ‘Everything will be good!’. And this when she had already learned about the death of her daughter…”.

And here is the coordinator of C14 praising the aforementioned action under the windows of Svetlana Pikta’s house.

Sergey Mazur: “Action ‘children’s picture for ATO fighters’ under the windows of separatists”

Sergey Mazur: “Pikta, look. Children are more clever than you.”

Pay attention to how the facist organization C14, which previously insulted and threatened Svetlana Pikta, now pretends to be pacifist, involving children in the action of chalk drawings on the floor. And the apogee of hypocrisy – children writing for ATO soldiers “thank you for the peace above our heads”. By this they praise the ATO fighters that kill the same children in Donbass.

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And also on August 10th, 2017, nationalists came to the workplace of Pikta’s husband – Vadim Pikta. They reported about this on Facebook and posted the corresponding photos.

“We visited the workplace of the separatist Pikta Vadim Aleksandrovich. The husband of the odious Svetlana. We invited him to today’s action outside his house. ‘Children’s drawing for fighters of the ATO’. We wait for everyone :),” wrote the radicals.

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