A Nazi Slogan & a Sword Piercing Russia: Poroshenko Legalized Main Emblem of Directorate of Intelligence

Translated by Ollie Richardson 



The attention of Russian media was drawn to the emblem of the Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence (GUR), which was seen in the images on the website of the Ukrainian President. Earlier this emblem “leaked” into the media, but this was the first time it was used officially. It depicts a menacing owl, holding in its claws a golden sword with the Ukrainian coat of arms, which is being thrusted into the edge of the territory of Russia. Above the emblem is the inscription: “Ukraine – above all”, which journalists associate with the Third Reich.


Russian media paid attention to the publication on the website of the President of Ukraine, which was posted on 24th October. However, the topic began to spin only just now. Thus, journalists have now seen the emblem of the military intelligence of Ukraine, which was painted on the backdrop of the speech of Petro Poroshenko by the new Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence Major-General Vasyl Burba.

The emblem depicts an owl with a sword, which pierces the edge of Russia on an outlined map of the world, while Russia is the only country on this map shaded in gray. On the golden sword, which the owl keeps in his arms, there is also the image of the Ukrainian coat of arms.

As was noted by the website Defence.ru, this emblem was in the media in 2015, however, this was the first time it was used at a formal event.


In addition, journalists paid attention to the slogan “Ukraine – above all!”, which was put on the background during a meeting of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine about the emblem. With the Ukrainian this phrase is translated as “Ukraine above all”. The journalist recalled the words “Germany above all” from the “Song of the Germans”, which is linked with the Nazi ideology of the Third Reich. Currently, this anthem of Germany is performed and published without the first verse containing these words.

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