Nazis From C14 Decided to Boycott Russian Businesses

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Nazi organization C14 made a statement of their intention to block Russian businesses in Ukraine. After the transport blockade of the DPR and LPR, the total blockade of Russian tade, and not just banks of Russia, will follow. According to representatives of the organization, Ukrainians have to get rid of Russian capital completely.

The organization reported about this on their page on the social network Facebook.

“We call on all Ukrainians to report about the commercial structures of Russia operating on the territory of our country,” it is said in the address.

Already on March 26th, at 13:00, activists of C14 began a protest action against Russian businesses.

“In 2017, finally a public blockade of trade with Russia took place in Ukraine, which has forced the state to work more actively in this direction. After a long fight in the rear, Sberbank of Russia has been destroyed. Also, some more other banks of the occupier promise to leave Ukraine. But dozens of other Russian structures remain without attention,” declared C14.

At the same time, on the page of the movement on FB the profiles of several business structures were posted, which, according to C14, are related to the Russian Federation.

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