Nazis Controlled by the SBU Assaulted the Organiser of the “Immortal Regiment” in Kiev: Part 2

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Kiev journalist Dmitry Skvortsov published new details of the attack committed on April 26th by militants of the Nazi group C14 the under the control of the SBU against the famous cardiologist Valentin Lukiyanik – the head of the “Union of orthodox brotherhoods” and one of the organisers of the “Immortal Regiment” action.

Skvortsov specified that the attackers made it clear to Lukiyanika that they, thus, have warned him against daring to carry out actions against Petro Poroshenko’s initiative of separating the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarchate.

The beginning of a religious war in Ukraine?

Every reasonable person understands that the ‘autocephaly of Ukraine’ being illegally granted by Patriarch Bartholomew with the full disagreement about this of the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) will turn into a large-scale religious war. Or more precisely – a massacre. After all, if now Nazis expel the ‘fifth column of Putin’ from the temples of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), handing them over to a religious organisation unrecognised by the world’s Orthodoxy, in the event of ‘receiving autocephaly’ from the ‘leader of the orthodox world’ (which Patriarch Bartholomew is presented as in Poroshenko’s address), this activity will be blessed to become the ‘banishment of the occupational church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed] for the sake of establishing the local Canonical national church’. And if now the capture of temples is observed mainly in the West of Ukraine, after ‘obtaining autocephaly’ the fire of war will spread to other regions, where the local authorities will think: ‘if Filaret’s adherents are also Canonical, then it means they also have the right to Canonical temples’.

But, seemingly, the neo-Nazis in Kiev decided not to wait for the announcement of ‘autocephaly’. On April 26th, militants from the extremist organisation С14 (not concealing their cooperation with the SBU) attacked the head of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods Valentin Lukiyanik. He was attacked with a pinch bar. 5 people. Two more sat in the minibus (probably, the driver and the one who filmed). The attack was led by Sergey Mazur…

Sergey Mazur in front of a banner that says “Death to Russia”

Then the Deputy of Evgeny Karas Sergey Bondar (the head of the ‘Municipal guard of the Goloseyevsky district’ and member of the battalion of the Interior Ministry) arrived. Bondar was called here by the Nazis when they were surrounded by neighbors. The police arrived in an hour and immediately saluted Bondar. He told the policemen that he was ‘ordered’ on Institutskaya Street to punish Lukiyanik because the brotherhoods picketed the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers about ‘autocephaly’. He reported that the SBU initiated a criminal case against Lukiyanik “for attempts to create the ‘Kiev People’s Republic’ and another two equally crazy charges,” sums up Skvortsov.

C14 militant Sergey Bondar


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