Nazis Controlled by the SBU Assaulted the Organiser of the “Immortal Regiment” in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Kiev Nazis from the C14 group under the SBU’s control beat up the well-known cardiologist and the head of the Union of orthodox brotherhoods Valentin Lukiyanik near his house. He is the organiser of actions in defence of the unity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the Moscow Patriarchate and also in recent years – one of the members of the organising committee of the Immortal Regiment in Kiev.

This was reported by the journalist Dmitry Skvortsov on his blog.

“Lukiyanik was just beaten by C14. They waited for him near his house for three days. It is the neighbors who rushed outside and saved him. They beat him with a pinch bar. When the neighbors dispersed them, they threatened to open a case in the SBU. They left on a little white bus,” wrote Skvortsov.

According to him, it was succeeded to note down the numberplate of the vehicle. Medics and the police came to Lukiyanik. Earlier Lukiyanik’s apartment in Kiev was already set on fire.

It is necessary to remind that Lukiyanik was one of defenders of the temple of the Moscow Patriarchate that is near the ruins of the Desyatinny church in the center of Kiev. Ukrainian nationalists staged picketing, demanding to demolish the temple, insisting that it was illegally built at the time of Viktor Yanukovych. Lukiyanik entered into verbal disputes with the nationalists, which were recorded on video.

Nazis Controlled by the SBU Assaulted the Organiser of the “Immortal Regiment” in Kiev: Part 2

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