Nazis From “Azov” Shot and Killed a Mariupol Civilian Who Objected to Their Terrorism

NEW – April 22, 2022

Azov” nazis shot a civilian for trying to drive them away from a house where women and children were hiding. The murder took place at 21 Pervomayskaya in Mariupol.

Witness details:

From the roof of this house, the nazis fired mortars and also fired from the windows on the upper floors, which provoked a response.

After the first arrival, one of the residents’ apartment was damaged, he went out to the street and demanded that “Azov” not shoot. In response, the nazi silently fired at the man and finished him off with a controlled shot to the head, after which he kicked the body, expressing his displeasure to the murdered man.

Then a second tenant was kicked out and forced to collect shell casings.

A few minutes later, the wife of the deceased came out, she was in shock and only managed to cover the body with a blanket, after which the arrivals of shells began again.

Only after waiting for “Azov” to leave the house (after waiting in the basement until March 14) was the wife able to bury her husband’s body in the yard.

Those wishing to leave were threatened with execution. The apartments were looted.

Svarshchiki Z

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