Nazis from “National Corpus” Stormed the Kharkov City Council

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


June 20th’s meeting of the City Council in Kharkov was marked by new riots. Morons in t-shirts with the inscription National Corpus and representatives of other hooligan and nazi groups tried to disrupt the work of deputies and municipal employees.

Representatives of “National Corpus”, the head of the public organisation “Anti-corruption Bloc of ATO Participants” Anton Sosnitsky, and representatives of “Kharkov anti-corruption center” Dmitry Bulakh, Evgeny Lisichkin, and Dmitry Drobot were noticed among the rioters.

What was the cause of this lawlessness? “National Corpus” speak about protesting against a construction near the “Metallist” stadium. But the decision-making session on this matter had been postponed anyway. The “anti-corrupt officials” were offended because they aren’t allowed into the hall.

But the real reason lies on the surface: The SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Prosecutor’s Office have long wanted to punish the city authorities, which listen to the population instead of resignedly fulfilling all the desires of nazis. This was unambiguously declared on June 19th by the mayor Gennady Kernes, paying attention to the fact that “bodies” disrupt the work of the city hall and municipal enterprises. And now Kiev unchained the thugs tamed by them.

“Searches by law enforcement officers are simultanously being carried out at all municipal enterprises of Kharkov without exception and in the City Council. The mass synchronous searches taking place at the city municipal enterprises aim to block their work.

Thus, we see that the authorities, with the help of law enforcement officers, try to create the scenario of Lvov in Kharkov. Everybody remember how, thanks to the organised lack of garbage collection, information manipulation, the approval rating and political ambitions of the mayor of Lvov Sadovyi were buried under the tons of garbage. Of course, the scheme is clear, and most likely the city hall of Kharkov must prepare for the strengthening of this pressure,” said the Kiev political scientist Andrey Zolotarev.

Canisters with tear and pepper gas was sprayed by the stormers and smoke grenades were thrown directly into the city hall building. The well-known brawler Dmitry Marinin entered into the hall, but was expelled by the deputies themselves.

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Most of the people who were in the City Council building had a cough and a mucous irritation. The sessional hall where the session of the city council took place was completely filled with smoke. One of the people’s deputies was obliged to call an ambulance. The others covered their noses with napkins. Two women aged 45 and 51 asked medical institutions for help.

The vice-mayor Andrey Rudenko tried to talk to the rioters, but ten representatives of “National Corpus” party threw him into a trash can.

On the second floor of the city hall stormers in “National Corpus” t-shirts smashed everything that they could. According to preliminary calculations, the material damage totalled 2 million hryvnia. In the corridor they profaned portraits of the previous mayors of Kharkov and the stained-glass window with the municipal coat of arms established by Catherine the Great. After all, remembering 3.5 centuries of life in the Russian city is like a bone in their throat! They would very much like to expel the “racially wrong” [Russians – ed] population to the neighbouring Belgorod, but this is a large mass of people – a whole 1.5 million. But for this purpose their strength is too puny. And they can lose their human face in the process of frightening these people … They’ve tried to do this for already 4 years with variable success.

The rioters also broke through to the yard of the town hall and instigated clashes here. Near the building there were at least five police cars, but there were no law enforcement officers inside it during the riot.

“The police watched all of this as if from afar. They didn’t interfere. This is probably because the ‘activists’ who rushed into the city hall were the people of the head of the regional department of the SBU Nosach. I regard these anti-constitutional actions, or to be exact — inaction, as silent support for the actions of people who became impudent from impunity, and who for some reason call themselves activists.

The city council, in all ways provided by Ukrainian legislation, will appeal against the criminal inaction of employees of the Kharkov SBU, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the police. We won’t leave this incident without consequences…

I am grateful to the deputies of the Kharkov City Council who, in the sessional hall filled with gas, showed adherence to principles and continued their work,” said the mayor Gennady Kernes.

After one and a half hours of work in extreme conditions he was taken out of the conference hall in a wheelchair. A further session was held by the secretary of the City Council Novak.

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As one would expect, none of the rioters were detained. The police counted only one fight as hooliganism and opened a criminal case, having equated the riot in the city hall with a drunk fight over a wine bottle. The sanction of the Article [of the Criminal Code – ed] provides imprisonment for a period of up to 4 years, but, as a rule, this public is untouchable.

Local Ukrainian media described the actions of bastards in black t-shirts as “a peaceful protest action” and let them off the hook by saying that security didn’t let the hooligans into the conference hall, while they wanted to spoil things and kick up a fuss during precisely the session of the City Council.

And now let’s imagine (purely hypothetically, of course) if someone in the city tried to organise a peaceful rally against political repression, the imposition of Banderism, or the covering of Nazis by Avakov and Lutsenko’s subordinates? How long would this rally last and under what Articles [of the Criminal Code – ed] would its organisers and participants be trialled? It’s a no-brainer…

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