Nazis from the “Azov” Battalion Celebrated the Anniversary of Ukraine’s Occupation of Mariupol

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Mariupol nazis from the Azov” regiment organised a parade of military equipment and infantry in honor of the fourth anniversary of the capture of Mariupol – one of the largest cities of the DPR. The column of Ukrainian militants under the emblem of Azov – a “wolfsangel” stylised swastika – passed along Peace Avenue [funny, isn’t it? – ed].

During the festive events the founder of Azov and nowadays the leader of the ultra-right National Corpus party Andrey Biletsky gave a speech. It is noteworthy that the “liberator” persistently distorts the name of the occupied city, and also neglects Ukrainian grammar.

“Four years ago 150 young people liberated the wonderful Ukrainian city of ‘Mariupil’. It was liberated because they decided to fight, and not wait for negotiations with the enemy or to take orders from above. And the key to the Ukrainian Priazovye-Mariupil is ours.

Why did Mariupil become Ukrainian: it is an example of those who fight for their own, who don’t wait for the approval of someone from outside, gifts or orders, they always win,” said the leader of the Ukrainian militants.

“The destiny of the Ukrainian Donbass can’t be decided by kind uncles in Washington, Brussels, or Moscow. The fate of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Lugansk, and Novoazovsk will be solved by the victories of the Ukrainian army. Ukraine has two paths – breaking under external pressure, handing over positions, and then everyone will wipe their feet on us, or to fight and win. The one who is ‘for’ the truth and who is ready to fight for up to the end always wins – and Mariupil is an example of this, and the truth is with Ukraine. Congratulations on the celebration of the liberation of the this native city! Glory to Ukraine!” proclaimed Andrey Biletsky.

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