Nazis in Kiev Displayed a Giant Banner in Honour of the SS “Galicia” Division

On Sunday, April 28th 2019, in Kiev nationalists displayed a banner in memory of the Nazi SS “Galicia” division (the unit is known for being recruited from among Ukrainian volunteers during the Second World War).

The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky reported about the emergence of a banner in the center of Kiev on his social media page.

On April 28th 2019 activists displayed a memorable banner in Kiev on the Square of Independence in honour of the 76th anniversary of the Nazi SS ‘Galicia’ division

On the banner there are militants from the ‘Galicia’ military formation and an inscription: “Don’t not forget the Ukrainian rifleman, with a golden lion on his sleeve”.

As a reminder, the image of the golden lion against a blue background is the coat of arms of the division.

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