Nazis in Kiev Marched in Honour of the Birthday of Bandera

A march in honour of Stepan Bandera‘s birthday took place in Kiev…

The torch march of Ukrainian nationalists took place on the streets of Kiev on a grand scale, and not for the first year. Its organisers are still the same: “OUN“, “Right Sector“, “Trizub” (“Svoboda” party) – all of them are banned in Russia by court decision, but very well comfotable under the current authorities in Ukraine, and even under the government of the ethnic Jew Zelensky. And in fact, the destruction of Jews, along with Poles and Russians, or rather-Soviet citizens, was a characteristic feature in the fight of Ukrainian nationalists for their so-called “freedom”.

Stepan Bandera, for any enlightened person, is a symbol of darkness, racism, terror, and his associates, such as the Abwehr Hauptmann Shukhevych or Stetsko (who helped the Nazis organise the basis of “Werwolf”) – collaborators who worked with the Third Reich. Most of them participated in punitive actions against civilians, were agents of the policy of genocide of Poles and Jew during the Volyn massacre, and served in the Schutzmannschaft battalions of the auxiliary police or parts of the Waffen SS. Their hands killed residents of hundreds of Belarusian villages, including the infamous Khatyn, tens of thousands of people in Babi Yar in Kiev, and so on. The list is very long and bloody.

And today their heirs celebrate the birthday of their leader, passing through the streets of the Russian city of Kiev. Looking at modern Ukraine, I remember the words said recently by American journalist and writer Dennis Prager, who, speaking about how rapidly mankind can degrade, remembered how in just one generation, the advanced and cultural nation of Europe (Germans) went all the way to the ovens of Auschwitz. History repeats itself. Once a beautiful and sweet Ukraine, today it turns into a gutter, absorbing the worst that has happened in human history.

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