Nazis in Odessa Poured “Blood” on a Portrait of Marshal Zhukov

Activists from the National Corpus nazi organisation decided to organise a public performance and organised an action – dousing a portrait of marshal Zhukov in red paint. According to the “oblvesti” agency, the speaker of “National Corpus” – Sergey Varlamov – said:

If any bureaucratic or political forces are born from any pro-Russian force, we will react very rigidly. Today we will carry out an action-performance via which we want to show that Zhukov has no right to be a hero of Ukraine. This is a person who is the marshal of death, a butcher, corpse eater, and a murderer. This person is alien to every Ukrainian, he ruined hundreds of thousands of people

It is interesting that the action was organised near the office of the local Opposition Bloc member Bogdan Giganov on Pirogovskaya Street. He said that he in general does not share the views of the activists, but he has no pretensions to them since they didn’t damage anything.

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