Nazis Threaten To “Slash” & “Impale” Inhabitant of Odessa Detained on May 9th for Opposing Banderism

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The member of the extremist organization “Right Sector” Sergey Sternenko published on his page on Facebook information on the young inhabitant of Odessa who was detained by police during clashes with Nazis on May 9th.

The young inhabitant of Odessa is blamed simply for a justly aggressive reaction to the emergence of a portrait of the leader of the Ukrainian Nazis Shukhevych on Victory Day on the streets of Odessa.

The “Right Sector” member accompanied the publication with screenshots from Dmitry Kiselyuk’s page with the corresponding comments.

“Judging by his account, Dima obviously mixed up the country where he lives with the aggressor state. Sevastopol for him is a Russian city, the regiment Azov — manure, Novorossiya in his heart and Putin is a beautiful person. Well, and so on, it is already classic. Our hero is a fan of Lenin, Stalin, and Nicholas II, strangely enough,” wrote Sternenko.

In addition, the Nazi published information on the father of the detainee and his home address.

“It is very interesting what their parents have in their heads, who brought up such a hater of Ukraine,” wrote the member of Right Sector.

It is characteristic that in comments to Sternenko’s post already there are already calls to give the guy to “Azov members”, to “impale him”, and to “slash him at home”.

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