Neighbouring Countries Start to Isolate Themselves from Ukraine Due to the Scale of the Measles Epidemic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The countries that neighbour Ukraine warn its citizens about the measles epidemic in Ukraine, and some – in particular, Poland – plan special preventive methods concerning Ukrainians. This was reported by
 “Polish Radio”.

According to the agency, the chief health inspector Jarosław Pinkas suggests to “demand the vaccination of foreigners who are in Poland for a long period of time”. “We have to ask: were you vaccinated, and if not then you have to do it,” he said. The official started to react this way after a growth in the number of cases of measles was detected in the country. Moreover, a citizen of Ukraine was one of such patients.

The other day the Situational-Crisis Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also warned about the danger of measles spreading in Ukraine.

“Ukraine. There is a growth in the number of patients with measles, in 2018 35,000 cases were registered, the greatest number of infections was recorded in the Transcarpathia, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lvov, Ternopol, Chernovtsi, and Volyn regions,” noted the department on Twitter.

As of September since the beginning of year, according to the body, 4000 cases of measles were recorded in the country.

Already since the beginning of the current year Russia decided to strengthen sanitary-quarantine controls at border check points in connection with the increase in the incidence of measles, in particular, in Ukraine.

“According to the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organisation, the European region is experiencing a deterioration in the epidemiological situation with measles. During the period January-October of last year the incidence rate in the countries of Europe threefold exceeded the levels of 2016,” it is said in the message.

Neighboring Belarus wrote about the possibility of contracting measles from Ukrainian neighbors. According to the local “Sputnik” agency, since February, 2018 230 cases of measles were registered in Belarus.

“In most cases infection happened after coming into contact with patients, or people brought the infection from abroad. The illness was in most cases ‘imported’ by citizens who visited Ukraine. There were also cases of diseases with Ukrainians who came to Belarus. According to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, from January to September more than 30,000 cases of measles were registered in the country,” notes the agency.

A tough reaction followed from Moldova, which started taking measures in the summer to prevent the illness spreading on its territory. In particular they introduced checks at checkpoints on the border with Ukraine and Romania.

“If passengers with symptoms characteristic of measles are detected by any border unit, there is an order to setup an appropriate (isolated) room for the purpose of questioning the suspected or infected person, including carrying out a medical consultation of the person,” reported the local “ZDG” agency, quoting the police order.

Health workers were supposed to appear at every border checkpoint in Moldova until the end of August.

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In the neighbouring Romania concern about an increase in the number of cases of measles in Ukraine and the need for the vaccination of citizens, especially in those regions adjoining Ukraine, was declared at the beginning of the year.

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