Neo-Nazi Storm Troops Again Marched Through Kiev, Calling to Kill “Moskals” And “Separatists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Several hundred Ukrainian nationalists, mainly football “ultras” and neo-Nazis from “Right Sector”, the groupC14, and others staged a march through Kiev similar to Hitler’s torchlight processions. This was reported by the correspondent of Federal News Agency (FAN) from the place of events.

The detention a year ago in Lugansk of the “ultras” Vladislav Ovcharenko and Artem Akhmerov – football fans and nationalists, suspected of carrying out sabotage on the territory of the city and also committing murders in the Odessa House of Trade Unions – was the reason for the action.

Having gathered in Shevchenko park, the nationalists went across Kiev, shouting out the slogans: “Moskals on knives!”, “Death to the Kremlin!”, “Glory to heroes! Nation above all!”, and so on. In the course of travel the nationalists lit flares and threw petards.

The most part of them covered their faces with masks, scarfs, and balaclavas. This is connected to the fact that the participants of the march are activists of neo-Nazi storm troops that pursue citizens of Ukraine for disagreeing with the official position of Kiev. “Ultras” regularly beat and even kill so-called discordant “Russians” and “separatists” – i.e. the citizens of Ukraine who name Russian as their native language, and also those who don’t consider Russia as the enemy.

As a reminder, it is precisely these radicals who earlier in Kiev killed the oppositional journalist Oles Buzina. On the suspicion of committing this crime, the police, under the pressure of the international community, detained two militants – Denis Polishchuk and Andrey Medvedko, who are members of the “C14” association. However, they were later released from custody, and the investigation was completed, the murderers weren’t named.

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The support of the authorities led to the fact that members of “C14” impudently beat those who are discordant in all cities of Ukraine, filming educational conversations on video, and spreading them on their Youtube channels. It is noteworthy that such activity and advertizing of neo-Nazi stormers isn’t stopped in any way – neither by the authorities in Kiev, the leadership of Youtube, nor by the authorities of the EU.

That’s why it’s not surprisingly that the column of neo-Nazis came near the building of the EU representation in Kiev, having demanded support from the European authorities during the gathering. Indeed, the EU’s support for the Kiev regime is already being given in different forms – political, financial, and military-technical.

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