Neo-Nazis From C14 Complained About the Italian Embassy “Completely Ignoring” Their Picket

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Today’s picket by neo-Nazis from the C14 group near the Italian Embassy in Kiev ended in total failure, reports the correspondent of Politnavigator with reference to the information provided in a public group on a social network.

“Representatives from the Italian Embassy completely ignored the activists. They didn’t even come out to speak,” complained C14.

The picketers burned flares and demanded from the Italians to release the Italian reporter detained on murder charges in Slavyansk in 2014 – the fighter of the Kulchitsky battalion Vitaly Markiv.

Earlier members of C14 urged the residents of Kiev to come out to picket in defence of Markiv because, according to them, “Ukraine practically didn’t react at all to the fact that our citizen is in prison. There is almost no help for him,” said the group.

In the end, the picket took place, however nobody from the embassy came out to accept the petition of the neo-Nazis.


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