Neo-Nazis From All Over Europe Gathered in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On October 15th, in Kiev, the congress of Nazis of Ukraine – the so-called Second Paneuropa Conference of neo-Nazis, chaired by the coordinator of the “Reconquista” movement and the international department of the National Corpus party Elena Semenyaka – took place. 
This was reported on October 15th on the official page of event on Facebook.

Representatives from the nationalist parties and organisations of Ukraine, Norway, Italy, Germany, the US, and Sweden participated in the conference.

Thus, participants were sent by the Norwegian “Alliansen” Nationalist Party, the Italian neo-fascist “CasaPound Italia” public center, the German “Der III.Weg” neo-Nazi party, the German JN-NPD far right youth organisation, the radical Svobodanationalist Party, and the militarised Carpathian Sich organisation.

In addition, the American white nationalist Greg Johnson, who became known for his work as the editor-in-chief of the nationalist publication “Counter-Currents”, and also the Swedish Pan-European nationalist Marcus Follin, known as the “Golden One”, were invited as special guests.

Earlier, on October 14th, Ukrainian neo-Nazis celebrated the anniversary of the creation of UPA. In honor of this event, during the march in the center of the Ukrainian capital, accompanied by the honourable commander of the “Azov” regiment and leader of the “National Corpus” party Andrey Biletsky, a special guest appeared – the veteran of the Balkan wars in the 90’s Bruno Zorica, who trained Croatian neo-Nazis to kill Serbs and was convicted of arms and drug trafficking.

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